G8 Evian Action Plan on Health

Sectors : Health and technology
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Technology - Health and technology

“4. Fighting Diseases Mostly Affecting Developing Countries

We will encourage research into diseases affecting mostly developing countries.

4.1 In order to expand the development of effective, safe and affordable drugs for diseases affecting mostly developing countries ("neglected diseases"), we are committed to seeking ways to support world−wide the development of research on health technologies for prevention (including vaccines), control, treatment and cure for these diseases. In particular we will:

"work with developing countries to increase their own ability to contribute to research and development on these diseases, including to create incentives and the necessary regulatory systems to support ethical and safe clinical trials;

"encourage research into these diseases, in our countries too, including by providing appropriate incentives; "continue to support work already underway in the non−governmental sector.”