Assembly of the African Union, Sirte Declaration on the Challenges of Implementing Integrated and Sustainable Development on Agriculture and Water in Africa, Sirte, Libya, 27 February 2004

Sectors : Agricultural investment and production, Environmental degradation and natural resource management, Water and Sanitation
Organisation : AU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Infrastructure - Water and Sanitation

...9. Support the African Ministerial Council on Water (AMCOW) in its role of preparing plans and policies related to water resource management on the continent and request the Chairperson of the AU Commission to adapt the mandates, structures and activities of AMCOW, the African Ministers Conference of Environment and the African Ministers Conference of Agriculture in order to integrate them into the activities of the Commission of the African Union and its Specialised Technical Committees;

10. Encourage bilateral agreements on shared water resources and Enjoin the Regional Economic Communities to develop appropriate regional protocols to guide integrated water resources management;

11. Strengthen existing river and lake water basins organizations where they exist and establish new ones wherever appropriate to inter alia:

• Develop and promote water resources through support to infrastructure projects, including the construction of dams and canals, sinking of wells and providing irrigation equipment;

• Exploit water falls to provide electric power and link it to the Continent’s general network.

• Carry out studies on untapped water in areas where it is available in large quantities to benefit the continent in accordance with the principles of international law, including the protocols concluded among all the riparian States.

12. Adopt the African Water Facility and acknowledge the African Water Vision 2025 for a comprehensive integrated development of the water sector;”